Tips for using PotenShaa

Tips for using PotenShaa

Placing PotenShaa on a dry skin area will give instant responses of softer and more hydrated skin areas.  Lightly placing PotenShaa on oily areas of the skin will allow more natural production of skin oil within about three days. PotenShaa responds brilliantly when applied to a damp skin. Using PotenShaa on a clean skin is highly suggested. You may add your moisturizer or sunscreen on top of PotenShaa. Most users do not need either after trying PotenShaa for a short time. Hold your PotenShaa bottle upside down. This allows oil to drop freely…continue reading →

Hummingbird Logo Story

The very first day of bottling was exciting. It was a beautiful Spring day and the front door was open. It is Arizona and spring is March.  Our labels were finished, the bottles purchased and our first gallons of oil were now official to go retail. Before this, our bottle had a paper home-made label with cute straw wound around the cap and a homemade card. It was great for a while, but now our logo was trademarked and we were truly debuting. As we began to fill our bottles a hummingbird entered…continue reading →

Full Moon Moods

Some clients are very sensitive. They can be physically, emotionally and/or mentally sensitive to people and environment. The Homeopathic Repertory is a book of symptoms and under each symptom is a list of remedies that may be perfect for the individual. A homeopath always makes sure there are more than three symptoms associated with a remedy before suggesting it for their client. The symptoms listed in a Medical Repertory of feeling worse in a Full Moon houses quite a few remedies. Out of a total of 51 remedies, a number of them are…continue reading →