The 7 Chakras and Their Influences
Explanations include the yin and yang of the chakra.



The frequency of RED complimentary color is GREEN

Wavelength: 625-700 nm

Musical note C

Located at Base of Spine and is the inherited genetic morphic fields. Adrenal glands.

Smell, physical energy and vitality, survival, grounding, passion, lust, suggestion of inflammation, deeply suppressed rage and anger, temper, tail bone, fight or flight syndrome, adrenal cortex of kidney, colon, rectum, legs, lymph and skeletal systems, abandonment, survival concerns, anemia, anger, loss of hope, lack of freedom to go forward, grief when structure has broken down, hip bone, lead in bone, shock.

In the homeopathic potency, do not use for high blood pressure or history of violence (Wauters)



The frequency of ORANGE complimentary color is BLUE

Wavelength: 595-635nm

Musical note D

Located two inches below naval and two inches into the body. Frequency range for reproductive organs. This is especially in a male, the coils of seminiferous tubules in the testes. Edgar Cayce called this area where male sex hormone, testosterone is secreted, “the seat of the soul”. This center is called the Leydig Center. “The life force crosses the solar plexus each time it passes to another center.” (Cayce)

Motion and emotions, creative expression, intuition on a gut level, healthy balance between control and letting go, vitality, kidney, adrenal, emotional fear of going forward, concern for survival and having enough for, ovaries, testes, pleasure, sexuality response and/or access, abundance and well-being, expansiveness, joy and lack of, health, bowels, menstrual irregularities, post-operative recovery, menopause, stimulates appetite disorders, creativity, fun and playfulness, good for feeling ungrounded or spacey, theta waves, be here now, feeling a lack of abundance, irrational behavior, feeling lonely. Living life to the fullest.

Homeopathic Orange: suggestion of 6C or 6C once and wait.  Daily not recommended.



The frequency of YELLOW complimentary color is WHITE LIGHT

 Wavelength: 570-595

Musical note E

Located under the sternum and over the stomach and gall bladder organ placement.  Can also address the liver and gallbladder. Associated with nerves of these areas. Frequency range of pancreas and digestion.

Self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, empowerment, freedom to choose, feeling of value, digestion, assimilation of food, gives us the ‘gut’ knowing and ready to act, memory, hopefulness, allows light in the spirit, emotionally shining inside, feeling spacey, knowing oneself and having confidence to go forward, liver inflammation, digestion (bile), addictions, exhaustion, right eye, fears with doubt and worry, low vital force, individuality, related to the element, IRON, stimulates the lymphatic system.

Should be used in daytime as it can cause sleep disturbances. (Wauters)

Too much can cause a dissociated feeling from an over-expansion of the mind. (Wauters)



The frequency of GREEN complimentary color is RED

Wavelength: 495-570 musical note F

Located between the shoulder blades. The Thymus Gland is its physical counterpart. It is said that the thymus keeps the seat of the soul. The heart chakra is the center of progress, home base, love, joy, unity, peace, serving without causing harm, contains the higher mind, brotherhood, unity, protection against evil, purity, innocence, loving unconditionally, drainage from inflammation and edema, soft tissue swellings, lumpy breasts, nervous tension, sense of balance in one’s life, eye tension, nervous conditions, most prevalent color in world, the lens of the eye focuses green light almost exactly onto the retina, eye tonic, color often seen in auras of babies,

Should not be used at night (Wauters)


The frequency of PINK

Pink is white light minus green. Pink is not a wavelength.    

No musical note

Universal Mother Love, shock, lack of joy, loneliness, disappointed love, use for divorce, relief from heartache, calming, gives peace of mind, eczema and other skin problems, joy and tenderness, the giver/taker, Mother Mary, softens the harsh light of the mind, keeps one open when the heart becomes closed.



The frequency of TURQUOISE/BLUE  complimentary color is ORANGE/RED

Wavelength: 440-495 nm               

Musical note G

“You will rarely find individuals being intolerant with others with or never very, very mad with blue being worn.” (Casey)

Located at neck, affects the medulla oblongata and parotid gland, thyroid and parathyroid. Color of personal and higher truth of universal wisdom,  blocked communication and frees blockages, abused and/or silent child, truth, integrity, willpower, creativity, can silence from shock, spirituality, creative communication, helps to hear and express the truth, repairs negative effects of lying, calming, sensitivity to others and self, inflammation of mouth and throat, toothache, excess mucus, gumboils, sore throats, sore ears, bronchial infections, helps with a person’s congruency with in their life, repairs negative effects of gossip and slander, cannot count money, blocked ear infection, releasing anger and grief.



The frequency of INDIGO   complimentary color is ORANGE

Wavelength: 410-440 nm        

Musical note A

Located between the eyebrows. Relates to the Pineal gland, locate just above the third ventricle within the brain. Can act as a sedative.  “Heart trouble and stomach trouble are rather indigo in their auras.” (Cayce). Scientific data suggest that the pineal is a vestigial organ, possible a remnant of a third eye. Indigo color vibration is said to release the eternal storage library of all the soul has ever done. Discernment, wisdom, knowledge, intuition, imagination, inner knowing, tonifies the lymph, helps to reduce fever, helps with clarity of the mind, precision and focus and calms the nerves when exhausted, reduces anxiety, integrity, found helpful with dyslexia, helps to relieve pain, natural blood purifier, good for high energetic emotions, (best not for the very quiet and withdrawn or depressed states).


CROWN CHAKRA The frequency of VIOLET/PURPLE complimentary color is YELLOW

Wavelength: 380-410 nm musical note B

380 nm is most efficient in ‘photon-repair’ of cells.


Located above the head and the relating gland is the Pituitary Gland (the highest gland of the body), which is the master gland that manages the activities of the thyroid, parathyroid, pancreas, gonads, pancreas and the adrenal glands. Sometimes called, ‘the Silver Cord’. Strengthens and calms the mind, can calm down the adrenal glands, helps drug addiction, psychic powers, serenity, beauty, place of peace, knowing thyself and feeling connected to the higher power, brain disorders, pain, helps to spiritually find truth and grow, healing and cleansing. Brings one closer to God, inner silence.

Best used at night (Wauters)



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