Our Story

Our story begins when I opened a book while in Homeopathic Doctorate School. I turned to a page with a recipe for Wrinkle Oil, homeopathic style. Yes, I thought. Homeopathy will be perfect for the skin. After all, we have pages and pages of symptoms and corresponding remedies for skin symptoms.

After graduation and then a move to Arizona from California, I began my experimentation. The first step was finding the best organic and wild crafted carrier and essential oils for the skin. Working with an oil specialist and knowing her for 20 years, made the work easy. She was extremely spiritual, intuitive and analytical in her work with essential oils for over 40 years. No oil of lower than perfect quality went by her. PotenShaa began the road of ‘Releasing Your Potential’.

My excitement comes in the research. Starting with Sulfur 6C, I was astonished to see the sulfur from the oil drop to the bottom of the 17 oils of PotenShaa. Five drops of homeopathic sulfur 6C into 15 ml of oil was all it took for the sulfur to disengage the sulfur from the oils. Most homeopaths have been told that homeopathy is cancelled out by essential oils and the two cannot be used together. Perhaps it is the other way around! The homeopathy can change the oils. I did not include sulfur 6C in PotenShaa.

Two years of research followed the first day of experimentation and over 200 trials. I was the first ‘researcher’ and used Graphites 12c in our fabulous oil blend. Graphites is a homeopathic remedy which has helped many with wrinkled skin and dryness. Yet, Graphites gave me more wrinkles! Not discouraged, other remedies were tried by myself first and then at least 10 others willing to experiment with one side of the face at a time. This was in 2002.

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The final winners for the blend are: Arnica, Hamamelis, Histaminum, Calendula and Pink. Pink is a color that has been ‘potentized’ and was used in a ‘proving’ by homeopath, Ambika Wauters, from Arizona. A ‘Proving’ is how we find out how homeopathy works in the body. Pink is for the female heart energy frequencies, but that is not why it was chosen. In both of two provings, pink lifted impurities from the skin. So, if someone has acne, they usually lift out or push in the eruption. PotenShaa absorbs into the lower layers of the skin and ‘potentiates’ the skin at these layers. As the acne lifts from the skin, the new layers are more balanced and renewed.

PotenShaa Energized Skin Oil is an exciting product for many reasons. Please check out on this site PotenShaa Energized Skin Oil’s 16 essential oil ingredients and their attributes for skin health. PotenShaa is a luxurious synergistic blend. The over-all frequency is evident in the pictures. The energy pattern around the bottle is natural. After the picture was taken, the background darkened a bit and I must admit, I was even surprised at the strength of its vibrations. PotenShaa was designed as a facial oil. The oils are exquisite: the best and finest offered from this earth. Although all roses may be grown in loving healthy soil and climate, they each have their own fragrance. Why one in twelve of the same rose species smell richer and takes your breath away is the magic. We choose the rose oil that takes your breath away.

PotenShaa Energized Skin Oil is made in Arizona. The bottles are filled by hand and prayed over. We wish for each person who tries PotenShaa not only beautiful skin the highest of blessings. PotenShaa is made with loving hearts.