The very first day of bottling was exciting. It was a beautiful Spring day and the front door was open. It is Arizona and spring is March.  Our labels were finished, the bottles purchased and our first gallons of oil were now official to go retail. Before this, our bottle had a paper home-made label with cute straw wound around the cap and a homemade card. It was great for a while, but now our logo was trademarked and we were truly debuting.

As we began to fill our bottles a hummingbird entered the house. The ceilings high, it flew for hours. I noticed it never left the house even though the door was open. After a while, the hummingbird was not in site. Oh, it left. No, I looked behind the couch. It had fallen in exhaustion and was ‘sleeping’? I picked it up (it let me) and put him/her on the outside foyer tree, thinking he will take off to the sky upon rejuvenation. No. He did not. The hummingbird flew back in and continued its tour of my living room ceiling for three more hours. We finished our bottles. All the oil was gone, the bottles brimming with hope and love.

The hummingbird left as we entered the living room. The hummingbird is special to us. It is PotenShaa.

The Hummingbird, PotenShaa’s Mascot

The hummingbird may be the smallest of birds, but it is also the most fascinating.  Anyone who has ever seen this tiny bird is filled with a sense of wonder and joy. Its name comes from the vibration of its wings as it flies or hovers.  We have all heard how good it is to whistle while we work, but humming is much more effective.  It creates an internal massage, restoring health and balance.

Hummingbirds have knowledge of how to use flowers for healing.  This includes their fragrance, their color, and herbal qualities as well.  They can teach you how to draw the life essence from them and create your own medicines.

No other bird can fly backwards.  This reflects the hummingbird’s ability to explore the past and to draw from it the nectars of joy.

Hummingbirds are very playful.  Even when bathing they play. Hummingbirds are fiercely independent.

Mother hummingbirds are hard workers. They are master architects.  They hibernate over-night.

Because the hummingbird is a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible, it will teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living from your own life circumstances.

Excerpt from the book,  Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews.


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