Success Stories

 I have been using PotenShaa Energized Skin Oil for the past several years and love the feel and look of my face.  I would recommend this oil to anyone with any type of skin as I was skeptical with oily skin, but it didn’t add to my oil, just helped replenish the essentials!   

-Ginny Michaelson, Scottsdale, AZ

You know I love your product. Lotion helps my dry skin on hands and feet. My sensitive heals, that always crack, happens no more! The oil makes my skin soft and glowing. It actually makes skin more receptive to makeup, making it easier to apply. Thank you!

– Karin Jones, Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Finally, a skin care product that is oil based and does not make my skin oily.  Instead, it is easily absorbed and my skin glows.                                      

-E. Upton, PhD   Berverly Hills, California

I use PotenShaa every time after I shave and it acts as a perfect aftershave. I no longer have razor bumps on my neck, my skin has lost every wrinkle it had, and I have had women comment on my skin. As a guy, that is really rare. I know I have had no pimples since I started using outbreaks. PotenShaa is awesome!

Luke Joseph, Hermosa Beach, California

The PotenShaa oil is remarkable because it actually softens the skin but does not feel oily.  I was delighted to notice that my skin was silkier and softer within three days of twice-daily use, despite my outdoors lifestyle!

                                                                                -Judy Bartelstone,   Scottsdale, Arizona

I feel ten years younger and look almost that, too.  My face has never looked or felt so soft.  My skin is vibrant and my fine lines are vanishing within a few weeks

– Renee Carlon, Scottsdale, Arizona

PotenShaa balanced my skin out, especially my forehead.  Also, my skin tone seems more clear and soft.  My skin glows!

– Kathy Fetzer, Tahoe City, California

I tried Potenshaa for the first time last night, after cleansing my face, just before bed.  I found the scent very pleasing and slept better than I have in months!  Now I can’t wait to see what it does for my skin.  I do know it feels great! Thank you!

– Marilee Hagerthy,  Rancho Palos Verdes, California

PotenShaa is a vacation for my face. The fragrance transports me to a relaxing day at the spa.  My skin looks and feels brilliant like a blossoming rose.

– Tiffany Newland   Healdsburg, California

I ran out of my very expensive face cream that I just loved (anti-aging, wrinkle crème, etc) and started using PotenShaa and I had people comment, What have you been doing to your skin-you look younger!  Heck with expensive face crèmes. I’ll stay with PotenShaa.  I just love it.  Just smelling it makes me feel a sense of well-being.  It nourishes my skin.  You can feel the skin ‘drink’ the oil.  This does not sit on my skin.  I think it nourishes your soul and spirit, too.

– Ann Marie Edwards,  Chandler, Arizona

Not only does my skin feel healthy with the right amount of moisture. 


– Diane Olsen, Scottsdale, Arizona

Thank you for all your years of service with PotenShaa.  I love the product and will continue to use it.  

                  – Kim Dietrich Healdsburg, California

Testimonials after one month of using PotenShaa Energized Skin Oil morning and evening on a clean skin.  The participants had not experienced PotenShaa before The Challenge.

Soft after week #1!  My dry skin seems to be keeping more oils on it during the day compared to when I started.  Skin seems less red.  I am going to continue using it.  I just enjoy this new feeling.

-Jamie, 32

My skin is firmer yet softer looking. Feels more balanced and used to be more combination.  Love this product.  Made me happy to be using something I believe to be helping my skin and the cells beneath.

-Victoria, 52

Soft and supple.  My skin is instantly improved and I can tell a huge difference upon using the oil blend.  I absolutely loved your product and plan on continuing to use it in the future.

   -Darryl, 33

I feel my lines have softened up and fading away.   My skin is not as dry.  My lines are softer. My skin feels softer.  My skin feels good after using PotenShaa.  My wrinkles have gotten much softer around my eyes.  I have enjoyed using your product and have had nice results in a month’s time.

-Nanci, 65

The dryness is completely gone.  I like the way it smells and I like the way it feels on my skin.  I like the idea that it’s all natural.  I would recommend this product to people looking for a natural option to dry skin.

-Samantha, 23

My pores are almost disappeared and smooth. Soft! Yes, I feel like is just smooth all of the time.  My acne has healed so much quicker.

      – Cydney, 28

Softer.  My wrinkles may be softer after application. My skin has a glow. I am going to keep using this product.  I enjoyed the scent.  I may recommend this product to a few friends of mine.

– Michelle, 60

I believe I am starting to see a reduced amount of redness.  My husband commented to that as well last week.  I just want to say I will continue using PotenShaa because I see the improvements.  I love the stuff.

-Rebecca, 42

My skin is even, less dry and more moisturized. My skin is softer and feels more even. Thanks so much for this opportunity.  I have loved using your product.  I think the red tinge to my skin has lessened and I love the way my skin feels.

-Bronwyn, 27

My skin is much softer, and looks more smooth and even.  My skin looks great.  It is smooth and more even looking.  I have seen a real change throughout the challenge and others have, too.  My skin seems to be balancing out, which is great!  I have been very pleased with the results of using PotenShaa.  I would like to continue using it.  Thank you so much for letting me participate in the challenge.  I really love the product and will be purchasing!

 -Jennifer, 35

Pretty smooth.  Not especially oily even in places it used to be.  My fine lines are a little better around my eye corners.

– Bryanna, 29

Significantly smoother! I love this product!

      – Kelly, 31

My skin developed more natural oils.  Appears not as dry.  Less wrinkles in forehead and around eyes.  I thoroughly enjoyed PotenShaa and notice the changes in my skin.  I enjoy how easily it was to apply and smelled.

     -Adam, 38

Success Stories…beyond soft skin

“My husband has had sun-damages areas on his face for years and PotenShaa appears to be visible improving them.”

                 -Leonora, Scottsdale, AZ

“I have been using PotenShaa for three weeks. It calmed down a trouble area on my chin.  I have a persistent rash there that no one can cure, and prior to using PotenShaa, I had to use a cortisone cream every couple of weeks to deal with the itching and flare ups.  I haven’t needed the cream since I started with PotenShaa.  I am definitely a believer!”

                 -Meryl, Los Angeles, CA

“I burned my arm in two places with a steamer.  I put PotenShaa Energized Skin Oil on one of the burns and lefty the other to heal normally.   I wish I had a picture!!  The PotenShaa burn cleared easily and quickly, leaving beautiful skin.   The one that healed without anything has a scar.  I wish now I had used PotenShaa on BOTH burns.”

-Julie, Scottsdale, AZ

 “I burned my forearm with a professional curling iron at the hottest setting, one inch barrel. I immediately ran it under cold water to stop further burning. I’m allergic to Aloe Vera so I wondered what I could use to help heal the burn. I had PotenShaa Energized Skin Oil nearby. I rubbed some in about 15 minutes after burning myself, and continued to use it 4-5 times a day. It never burned, hurt, or blistered. Within 4 days, the site was down to only ½- inch long and 1/4 inch wide. It’s been 2 weeks now, and that skin is drying and slightly puckered. Still no pain. It may peel slightly, but it will only be one layer of skin. I have burned my forehead with this curling iron many times and always had scabs. That skin is tougher than the forearm. I can’t believe how beautifully this is healing with the PotenShaa. Thanks Dr. Caroline”. 

-Bev, Phoenix, AZ

“My husband went on a two-day fishing trip and ended up covered from head to toe with mosquito bites that he suffered through his clothes.  He was so uncomfortable and itchy.  It instantly stopped the itching and lasted the whole day.  We ended up only needing to apply it twice a day to keep him comfortable.  What a wonderful product that I will always have on hand.”

-Rebecca, Chicago, IL

Success Stories

PotenShaa Energized Body Lotion -NEW!  Its luxurious

“You know I love your product. PotenShaa Energized Body Lotion helps my dry skin on hands and feet. My sensitive heals, that always crack, happens no more! The Energized Skin Oil makes my skin soft and glowing. It makes skin more receptive to makeup, making it easier to apply. Thank you!”

– Karin Jones, Rolling Hills Estates, CA

“I love the way my PotenShaa Lotion goes on my arms and legs after a shower. I use a small amount in the palm of my hand and glide it on!  It goes in right away and leaves my skin clean and soft feeling. Thank you!! I cannot do without it”

-Beverly Olsen, Redondo Beach, CA