Tips for using PotenShaa

Placing PotenShaa on a dry skin area will give instant responses of softer and more hydrated skin areas.  Lightly placing PotenShaa on oily areas of the skin will allow more natural production of skin oil within about three days.

PotenShaa responds brilliantly when applied to a damp skin.

Using PotenShaa on a clean skin is highly suggested. You may add your moisturizer or sunscreen on top of PotenShaa. Most users do not need either after trying PotenShaa for a short time.

Hold your PotenShaa bottle upside down. This allows oil to drop freely from the orifice reducer. No need to shake.

4-6 drops is the average amount used on the face. More for the neck and drier areas.

When placing PotenShaa around your eyes, please go slowly. Some people are more sensitive around the eye and gradually increase the areas of use.

Use PotenShaa on your facial skin and neck twice daily, morning and bedtime.

Travel: always wrap your PotenShaa in small bubble wrap. This keeps the unwanted intensity of the surveillance frequencies from degrading the living oils. This is also important to do for all your natural cosmetics and vitamins.

Keep your bottle of PotenShaa tightly closed when not being applied. PotenShaa is living oils and must be treated with respect of too much air, sunlight or heat.

You may use PotenShaa in other areas of the body, externally. Testimonials read the effectiveness of using after manicures or pedicures. Other testimonials offer many uses.

Always observe the expiration date found on bottom of bottle. If your oil smells old, it is. DO NOT USE OLD OIL ON YOUR SKIN. You must discard or perhaps use on aging dry leather or wood.



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