PotenShaa® is Unique

Welcome to PotenShaa, an extraordinary facial moisturizer. Potenshaa’s innovative blend of 16 hand selected organic and wild-crafted ingredients bring softness and reduction of fine lines almost immediately. Our fine exquisite oils begin restoring your facial skin cells for their optimal renewal and growth.  You will be amazed at how quickly both oily and dry areas become balanced and supple. Watch your transformation as PotenShaa releases your potential and brings beauty from the inside to the outside.

PotenShaa® is Exceptional

PotenShaa is exceptional because of its pure and consciously selected oils from around the world.  We hand produce PotenShaa and no machine energy is used.  We protect its vibrancy and its environment as much as possible.

This innovative blend has the energy to balance, calm, and rejuvenate. Our intent is the well-being of each who uses PotenShaa and his/her new beautiful skin which becomes healthier, softer and younger. PotenShaa releases your potential.

Original photo of the energy around the bottle and its contents.

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Releasing Your Potential

  • Facial moisturizing oil for both oily and dry areas for both women and men. 
  • PotenShaa is an energized skin treatment created from pure organic and wild crafted oils.  
  • It is a unique combination of 7 organic carrier oils and 9 essential oils.  
  • This combination is carefully selected for its balancing properties for the skin.
  • USA Trademarked and produced and shipped from Arizona, USA.

Large image of Potenshaa energized skin lotion

  • Nourishing anti-aging essential oils.
  • Hydrating, conditioning, easily absorbed, softening skin for hours.
  • Vegan, no animal testing,  parabens,  sulfates or mineral oils.
  • External use only, designed for the body, hand produced and shipped from Arizona, USA.

How PotenShaa Was Born

  • Caroline Walrad, Ph.D., Doctor of Homeopathic Philosophy, was inspired to create the perfect holistic blend essential oils for the facial skin.
  • The one-of-a-kind PotenShaa Energized Skin Oil was born to transform and release your potential…inside and out.
  • PotenShaa’s remarkable results show anti-aging benefits as well as balancing the emotional centers.
  • Sheer growing demand comes through word of mouth of successes using PotenShaa daily.

Meet Caroline,
PotenShaa’s creator

Caroline Walrad - Creator of Potenshaa

I earned my California Ph.D. from Curentur University.  In my clinical practice of over 20 years, I have grown a deep appreciation for natural products.

This is the reason I researched and added the perfect mix of essential oils to create a beautiful pure and energetic skin oil and lotion. It makes a difference in a person’s well-being in a topical application. We can successfully create formulas that creates no harm. In harmony with the elements we can release our true potentials.

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